Saturday, December 24, 2011


With the new year coming up I keep thinking more and more about scholarships. While I don't like writting essays, I wish the summer scholarships would be posted sooner than January 6th. One website's not posting theirs until February or March! I'd like to have more of my break to work on them rather than starting off the semester with essays. But I'll have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it if I'm going to get the money I need to travel to the place I've been dreaming of traveling to for as long as I can remember.

Something I'm a bit confused about is the visa process. I don't know if I just fill out a regular form and put my intent as academic or if I need a special student visa form. I also don't know when to fill it out because I haven't applied for the school yet. I can't fill in a school address if they don't even know I have the intent of coming, right? I guess these are just more questions I'll have to ask my advisor when I get back to school.

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