As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture.  When I was little, I would practice eating chopsticks with rubber bands around them, and when I was in middle school my friends introduced me to anime and manga, a gateway into Japanese language and culture.  As I grew older I began to learn more about the food and the language, and I even began to listen to Japanese music.  As a university student, I even had the privilege of being able to take Japanese language classes and study abroad in Japan one summer.
The initial purpose of this blog was for my study abroad. I minored in Intercultural Communications, so as part of my time abroad I had to record my experiences and express how my life was different after I returned.  However, now that I am going abroad as an Assistant Language Teacher in the JET Program, I've decided to re-purpose this blog.  Of course, I'll still be writing about my experiences but it will be from a very different perspective.  The student has now become the teacher. 
So, as always, I welcome you on my journey and hope that you enjoy the ride.  Welcome to Adventures of the Rising Sun.