Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Cost of Education - Part 2

Monday I finally went to the financial adviser for ACA to see if any of my financial aid would transfer over to the summer, and it turns out it will.  None of the government money will transfer since I use it all up during the regular school year.  However, the stipend I get from my father working for the South Central Conference will go towards my trip since I will be attending an Adventist university.  The adviser said it should cover 70% of something, but she's not sure since she doesn't have the chart on how all the pricing breaks down for this year.  So, I'm just setting my sights on it covering half.  That would be $2290 that I won't have to worry about paying.  The addition of the subsidy cuts down my overall costs to at least $4595 with my current estimation of airfare on the price thermometer to the right, and that's quite alright with me.

Also, Gilman finally posted their summer scholarship information at the beginning of February even though they said it would be posted in the beginning of January.  So, I've started work on that.  I just need to request my transcript and write a couple essays.  They shouldn't be too hard once I actually sit down and do them, but school work takes up so much time that I barely have time to think.  Fortunately I have great professors in the English department to look over my essays and help me submit the best that I can do.  Also I've a friend who received the Gilman scholarship last year, so she could help me too.

It's been quite a process, but fortunately it all seems to be coming together.  The next couple of months will be hectic.

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